6 helpful free phone apps for college students

6 helpful free phone apps for college students

Almost all college students have smartphones and I know you are reading this on it right now. If I ask you to mention your closest friend, you will mention a friends name; maybe Samuel or Styles. But I think your closest friend is your smartphone because you go everywhere with it. And because you go everywhere with it, it can help you learn anywhere you are without carrying any heavy textbook.

I also know that there is one or more of these apps on your phone; WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc but do they really help you to learn? I think most of us use these apps for fun.

There are so many free mobile apps that could be helpful in terms of learning. Some have premium versions that come with extra features but must be paid for. The free versions of the apps I’m about to mention are really cool to use without spending extra money on their premium versions but if you have the money, why not? It always motivates the developer(s) to upgrade on time or develop more helpful apps.

Free helpful apps for college students

These apps are for phones but some work well on windows too.

App freezers/blockers

Learning is one of the most difficult things I have come across in my life. Imagine been destructed in the middle of doing one of the most difficult things in your life, bad huh? These app freezers/blockers will help you freeze or block destructive apps like the social media apps I mentioned earlier and a lot more of such apps until you want to use them. Almost all recent smartphones come with app blocking apps but if you are not OK with that one, you are at liberty to download one from your App Store. Examples of popular app freezers/blockers are; App freezer no root, Ice box, BlackHole etc. The frequent use of these apps saves your battery as well.

Microsoft Office lens

Office lens is a Portable Document Format (PDF) scanner that helps you to scan an image captured on a whiteboard or blackboard. You can also capture and scan from textbooks or handouts. When I was in college, I did not know about Office lens so I use to capture handouts with my default phone camera app which helped in a way but was a little difficult to read because I have to zoom in and try moving the image side to side, up and down before reading. With Microsoft office lens, you can capture, scan, save and read easily. (I was the ‘king’ of capturing because it was sometimes difficult to raise money for handouts, so friends who are financially stable would buy then I capture, hope you got it!)

Google Drive

It is a virtual storage provided by Google to enable users save files online. One of the most important things that makes Google Drive helpful to students is that you can access your files from anywhere with no stress. You can also search for a file by name and content. It has an offline view enabling option which will help you access your files offline.


It is simply a Mathematics problem solver. Just type in a mathematical problem that you find difficult solving and this app will just solve it for you in seconds. It covers almost all sections of Maths including Algebra , Calculus, Trigonometry and Statistics. If you are lazy like me(not as lazy as you think anyway!), you can just snap a picture of the problem and the app will solve it for you in no time.


This is a dictionary from which definitions of hundreds of words could be found. You don’t need internet connection to view definitions of words but would need internet connection if you want to view illustrations, hear audio pronunciations or use voice search. This app really helps you learn new words.

myHomework student planner

This amazing app is simply a student’s life planner which helps you to keep track of assignments, extra classes, exams, quizzes and all other academic activities. It keeps you reminded and always in time.

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