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Advantages and disadvantages of a floppy disk

What is a floppy disk?

A floppy disk or floppy diskette is a small magnetic disk for storing and retrieving data.

Its advantages were really relevant in those days when technology had not seen rapid advancement but not today. In this new modernized and advanced technological world, the disadvantages of a floppy disk is what has let it down which has made some firms build computers these days without a floppy disk drive.

Advantages of a floppy disk

  • They are cheap. A floppy disk is not as expensive as a hard drive.
  • Easy to handle and transport (portable). Because of its light weight and the plastic casing, it is easy to carry from one place to another without putting it in any case.
  • Compatible with old computers. If you are still using one of the old computers then floppy disk is your best option in terms of storage devices. Most of the modern storage devices are not compatible with the old computers.
  • It is used for transferring files between computers.
  • They have a write protection which protects your data from accidental deletion.

Disadvantages of a floppy disk

  • Less storage capacity. It can not store huge amount of data as compared to a hard disk.
  • It can be affected by heat and dust. It is easily damaged when exposed to heat and dust.
  • Files are easily corrupted. Data or files on a floppy disk are easily corrupted as virus spreads faster on it than other storage devices.
  • Slow data transfer rate. Either transferring data from a floppy disk or onto it, is very slow.
  • Computers are built without floppy disk drives. Most of the modern computers are built without floppy disk drives which makes floppy diskette to be useless.

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