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Advantages of the internet

Internet is the interconnections of networks worldwide using standardized communication protocols. The internet has good side and bad side even though it suppose to serve its users positively.

Let’s look at the positives;

Advantages or importance of the internet

Easy communication

Communication is one of the most important things that keep all kinds of relationships alive. When the internet was not in existence or was not so popular, we have to travel long distances just to deliver a message either verbally or written on a piece of paper. Sometimes, we have to post a letter through the post office which could take so many days to get to its destination or sending it through a human messenger. If you are not lucky and your letter lands in the hands of a bad messenger, he could change some of your sentences under the influence of your ‘enemy’ which could lead to many problems.

The internet has made it very easy to communicate with family and friends. People can sit at the comfort of their homes and send messages(email) and can even make a live video call over the internet with the help of some popular applications(apps) like Skype, WhatsApp, Imo etc. What is even more interesting is how fast messages get to their destinations.

Online marketing

Most production firms and Marketers do not go round with their products trying to convince people to buy them anymore. They advertise the products through the internet. Buyers do not travel from one branch of a company to another just to buy their products but rather, they shop online. Almost all the online shopping companies do delivery either for free or for an amount of money.

Teachers and students have the opportunity to buy electronic books (e-books) to enhance their studies and pay instantly from their bank accounts with their credit cards, in some cases PayPal. The internet really helps buying and selling to run faster.


Learning out of the classroom had never been easy than today. All you need to do is to get your computer, pull out your modem and get connected to the internet. There are a lot of classrooms online like udemy, udecity, freecodecamp, W3schools, eduonix etc where you can sign up for a course and earn a certificate at the end of the course. Some of them come with scholarships that can slash down the cost of the course you want to persuade and some of them are even free. This means, you can complete an online course and become a professional in a particular profession based on the course you persuaded.

Online banking

The stress and risk involved in carrying money from one place to another have reduced. Almost all customers have online accounts with the various banks they keep their monies with. This online portals have so many features that enable customers to manage their own monies from their homes. Customers can send money to their family and friends online without carrying huge sums of money in their pockets and bags which could lead to robbery. This way of banking is even more safer, faster and convenient.

Research assistance

The internet serves as a research assistance.When the internet was not well established and popular, researchers have to enter one library after the other just to get a book or more to help them carry out a research. Sometimes, they have to go round looking for people who are highly knowledgeable in the field of their research. Meanwhile, getting such people could be quite difficult and time wasting which will go against you if you are carrying out a formal research.

After the internet has been well established and modernized, it has reduced the stress in carrying out a research. There are millions of information on the internet that could help you carry out your research more easier, faster and better. All you are to do is to enter search terms(what you are looking for) into search engines like Google and Bing and choose from the many answers that will be presented to you on your screen.

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