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Basic definitions in mouse skills

Mouse skills are the activities carried out using the computer mouse. There are basic mouse skills like, single clicking, double clicking,right clicking, drag and drop and scrolling. In using the computer mouse on one way or the other, at least one of the above mentioned skills has to be involved.
The computer mouse can also be used to select or highlight one or more item(s) either in a folder, application or on the desktop. An advanced computer mouse with more than three buttons can probably be used to perform more advance activities than the basic mouse which has only three buttons; left button, right button and scroll wheel.

Single clicking

Single clicking is the act of pressing and releasing the left mouse button once. It is performed to select an item and can also select a group of items by clicking and holding down the left mouse button and then moving the mouse pointer over the items to be selected or highlighted. You can also hold down the control key on the keyboard and select the items by clicking on them one after the other.

Double clicking

This is the act of pressing and releasing the left mouse button twice quickly. This act is usually carried out to open a folder or application.

Right clicking

This is the pressing and releasing of the right mouse button once. This act is mostly done to reveal or show options to be executed. For instance, when you right-click in certain folders, you will be presented a menu with options like View, Sort by, Group by, Refresh, Customize this folder, Paste, Paste shortcut, Share with and New which are all mostly executable

Drag and drop

This is the act of moving(dragging) an object or a selected text from one location to another. This process is usually put to use when items are moved from one folder to another or from the computer to a removable device.


Scrolling is the act of moving through items usually in a folder by moving the scroll wheel back and forth. It can be use in a media player (e.g. Vlc media player) to increase or decrease the volume.

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