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Best Data Offers on MTN Ghana (2023)

One of the top network service providers in the nation, MTN Ghana offers a variety of data bundles and plans to suit a range of requirements and price points. MTN Ghana has everything you’re looking for whether you want daily, weekly, monthly, or special data offers. In this article, we’ll examine some of MTN Ghana’s top data packages and explain how to sign up for them.

MTN Just4U

Based on your consumption and preferences, MTN Just4U is a tailored plan that provides you with fantastic data deals. For as little as GHc2.5 per day or GHc5.0 per week, you can acquire up to 1GB of data. Simply dial *141# to access MTN Just4U, then select the offer that best suits your needs. By dialing *141*1#, you can also check your account balance. MTN Just4U is a fantastic option to get extra data at low costs.

MTN Zone Bundles

MTN Zone Bundles are day-long, short-term bundles that are perfect for people who consume a lot of data or who require additional data for a certain day. For only GH5.99 per day or GH3.99 per day, you can access up to 5GB of data. You can sign up for MTN Zone Bundles by dialing *135*2# and choosing the bundle of your preference.

MTN Midnight Packages

MTN Midnight Packages are data plans that may be used to download or stream videos online and are valid from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. every day. For either GHc2.99 per night or GHc3.00 per night, you can access up to 8.5GB of data. Dial *138# and follow the on-screen instructions to activate MTN Midnight Packages. By dialing *138*1#, you can also check your account balance.

MTN Kokrokoo Bundle

Early risers who use data services in the morning can get data with the MTN Kokrokoo Bundle. For just GHc1.09 each day, valid from 4am to 8am every day, you may get 400MB of data + 20 minutes of talk time. If you want to sign up for the MTN Kokrokoo Bundle, phone *138# and select option 5. By dialing *138*1#, you can also check your account balance.

MTN Social Media Bundles

MTN Social Media Bundles are data packages that provide data for social media users who want to stay connected with their friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. You can get up to 943.40MB of data for social media for only GHc10 per month, or 94.34MB for GHc1 per month. To activate MTN Social Media Bundles, dial *138# and select option 6. You can also check your balance by dialing *138*1#.

MTN Video Bundles

MTN Video Bundles are data bundles that give data to video enthusiasts who wish to view videos on YouTube and other online video streaming services. For only GHc10 per month or 94.34MB for GHc1 per month, you can obtain up to 943.40MB of data for streaming videos. You can sign up for MTN Video Bundles by dialing *138# and selecting option 7. By dialing *138*1#, you can also check your account balance.

These are some of the top data promotions available on MTN Ghana in 2023. You can select the option that best suits your demands and financial situation to take advantage of MTN Ghana’s quick and dependable internet connection. Visit the MTN Ghana official website here or dial 100 to get more information about their data bundles and plans.