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What is email? Importance of email.

Electronic mail (email or e-mail) is a message or document sent or received through electronic means. The sending and receiving of email is made possible by the use of electronic devices such as computers and smartphones.

To be able to send or receive an email, you first need to create an email account with one of the email service providers to gain an email address. This address will contain your username, at(@), the name of the email platform you are creating the account on and dot com (.com).

Types of email platforms are; gmail, yahoo,, outlook, ProtonMail, GMX mail, AOL mail, Hushmail, Zoho mail, etc.

Gmail (google mail) is the most popular among the mentioned email service providing platforms. As at 2019, they had 1.5 billion users so you can just imagine how many they have now since new users come on board everyday. They have free services version and also a paid services version of gmail accounts. It is of no surprise that many people are in love with gmail because a gmail account is far more easier to use and manage than many other email accounts. It is even much easier to use and manage a gmail account when using the gmail app. The features of the gmail account interface alongside other features are user-friendly.

Emails are so important that many forms (both offline and online) that we fill these days have space for them. Almost every account we create online or offline involves email address and that is why billions of people are now using email account(s).

Uses/importance of email

Emails are generally used to communicate but more specifically;

  • information in the form of text is sent from one person to another,
  • audio files, image files and other documents are sent or received through email as an attachment,
  • company owners/managers give notices to their workers through email,
  • job application can be sent through email,
  • invitation to a workshop or other occasions can be sent through email.
    There are many other things that can be done through email which is why everybody must have one.