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How to register for MTN mobile money in Ghana

More and more people are paying using mobile money in Ghana. Many individuals continue to sign up for that convenience of MTN mobile money. New into the concept and wondering how to register for mtn mobile money in ghana? This article will guide you through the process.

It has become a popular platform today as MTN mobile money remains among the pioneer telecoms in Ghana. You can transfer cash, make payments, or even keep money safe in a digital purse which is available on a smart phone.

To get started with MTN mobile money, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit an MTN service center or authorized agent: In the case of MTN mobile money, you will be required personally to walk to the MTN service center or accredited agent in order to register. Check out MTN website for a list of agents within your vicinity or visit any MTN branch around here.

2. Bring your National Identification Card: On the other hand, be mindful of bringing your original national identification card to the service centre/agent. These include driver’s license, passport, voter’s card, and NHIS card.

3. Fill out the registration form: When you get to the service centre or agent location, you will have to register and sign their forms that are mandatory. This is a way of collecting your personal information which includes, the full names, telephone number, and the ID’s details.

4. Provide a valid phone number: When using the mobile money, you need to have a phone line which you will use when registration for you are registering it. Ensure that you carry SIM card of this number when registering.

5. Wait for the confirmation message: Following the completion of your details in a registration form, MTN will scrutinise your information before initiating a registration process. In less than three minutes, you’ll get an SMS notification that indicates your M-Pesa account is ready and functional.

6. Create a PIN: Thereafter, you should come up with a Pin for your mobile money. Pick up a combination of non-public characters that would be private and safe for every transaction of yours.

7. Activate your mobile money account: Finally, once you set your PIN you will have to log in and activate your mobile money account. Activation is accomplished by dialing *170# on your phone and following through every step of the way to finish up.

8. Start using MTN mobile money: Congratulations! Congratulations! Welcome on board for a journey with MTN Mobile Money. You are now able to do transfer of funds, pay for utilities, buy airtime, as well as keep money here.

However, it is important to keep MTN mobile money safe and the pin should not leak into unauthorized hands. You should contact MTN customer service immediately in the event that you suspect misappropriation or unauthorized access to your account.

Last, but not least, it is convenient to sign up with MTN mobile money in Ghana. Go for the relevant documents, then visit an accredited agent, fill in a registration form, and activate your account. You have never had such a better means of effectively managing your financial transactions like through MTN mobile money.