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ICT simplified revision notes for exams 1

What is copyright?

It is the right that protects intellectual property from being copied or used by others illegally. Examples of things protected by copyright are, songs, movies, novels, software etc.

Reasons for copyright protection

  • It prevents people from copying others work illegally.
  • It empower creators to protect their work.
  • It promotes creativity
  • It enables creators to enjoy benefits of their work

What is a search engine?

It is a software or program designed to search for information or files. Examples of search engines are, Google search engine, duckduckgo search engine, bing search engine etc.

Search box is the rectangular box into which the keywords are typed.

Keywords are the words typed into the search box.

Search results are the outcome of the search.

Types of search engine

  • Crawler-based search engine
  • Human powered directories
  • Meta search engine
  • Hybrid search engine

Examples of search engine

  • Google search engine
  • Bing
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yahoo
  • Yandex

Importance of search engine

  • It provides more precise results
  • It brings up many sources of information
  • It provides results faster
  • It serves as a dictionary for internet users as it helps them find meaning to words.

Booting is the process through which a computer starts or restarts.

Types of booting

Cold booting is the process of starting up a computer when it is off.

Warm booting is the process of restarting a computer.

The main reason for warm booting a computer is when it starts malfunctioning like freezing. AND the other reason is when a new app is installed.

What is a title bar?

It is a virtual bar on top of a windows ( usually application windows).

Features of the title bar are;

1. name of the application/file opened

2. Control box (minimize, maximize, restore and close buttons)

What is a toolbar?

It is a strip of icons or buttons used to perform functions in an application window.

Examples of toolbar

1. Standard toolbar

2. Formatting toolbar

3. Navigation bar

4. Drawing toolbar

5. Menu bar

Buttons on the formatting toolbar

1. Underline

2. Bold

3. Italic

4. Alignment

5. Font, font size and font color

A word processor is an application software for creating and editing a document.

Word processor examples

1. Microsoft word

2. WordPad

3. WordPerfect

4. WPS writer

5. OpenOffice writer

What is a computer virus?

It is a computer software that corrupts and destroys data and other computer software.

Examples of computer virus

1. Tinba

2. SQL Slammer

3. Nimda


5. Stuxnet

What is antivirus?

A software created to fight against computer viruses.

Examples of antivirus

1. Avast antivirus

2. Avira

3. AVG

4. McAfee

5. Kaspersky

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