ICT, Importance of ICT.

ICT, Importance of ICT.

What is ICT?

Information and Communication Technology(ICT) refers to the use of technological tools(e.g computers) to store, send and receive data or information. Examples of technological tools; personal computer(PC), ipad, mobile phone, modem etc.

ICT is all about technology that has to do with information and communication.

Advantages/Importance of ICT

Easy Communication

Gone are the days when human messengers have to cover long distances just to deliver a message either verbally or on a paper. Technology has made it easy nowadays where individuals can sit at the comfort of their homes and send and receive messages. It also makes it possible for family and friends to get connected no matter how far they stay apart from each other.


Learning out of the classroom had never been easy than today. All you need to do is to get your computer, pull out your modem and get connected to the internet. There are a lot of classrooms online where you can sign up for a course and earn a certificate at the end of the course. Most of them come with scholarships that will slash down the cost and some of them are even free.

Easy Marketing

Most production firms and Marketers do not go around with their products trying to convince people to buy them anymore. They advertise through the internet and television stations. Buyers do not travel from one branch of a company to another just to buy their products but they shop online. Almost all the online shopping companies do delivery either for free or for an amount of money.


Information and Communication Technology has created job opportunities for Web Designers, Computer Programmers, Computer Scientists, Animators, Games Designers, Mobile App Developers, Database Administrators,IT Consultants, Cyber Security Analysts etc.

Easy and convenient banking

 The stress and risk involved in carrying money to the bank has reduced. Customers who have accounts with the various banks now deposit and withdraw money from their accounts without going to the bank.

Access to news

With your phone, you can read any kind of news anywhere you are without buying any news material like the graphic.

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