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Important MTN Ghana short codes

At 98.4% network coverage and over 23 million subscribers, MTN Ghana leads the Ghanaian mobile telecommunications market. Customers of MTN Ghana can choose from a variety of features and services, including mobile money, calls, data, and more. Using MTN short codes is among the simplest and fastest methods to access these features and services.

MTN short codes are unique codes that you may enter into your phone to carry out a number of functions, including making and receiving money transfers, purchasing internet packages, and enabling call discounts. MTN short codes are handy because you can use them without downloading an app or going to a service center. They are also quick because you can receive transaction confirmation and feedback right away.

We’ll walk you through using MTN short codes for data, calls, mobile money, and other purposes in this blog post. We will also provide you with examples of the many features and services that you may use with these short codes, along with information about their costs, durations of validity, and advantages.

Data Short Codes

Use the short code *138# to purchase internet bundles, social bundles, unlimited bundles, or other data plans from MTN Ghana. When you enter this short code, a menu will appear with a variety of data options for you to select from, including social bundles (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter), unlimited bundles (YouTube), daily bundles, weekly bundles, monthly bundles, and night bundles.

MTN Ghana provides clients with affordable personalised bundles with the use of the short code *141#. Another name for it is MTN Just4U. To use the service, users can phone *141#. They can then select from a number of packages, including SMS, voice, and internet bundles. Customers using postpaid and prepaid cards can use the service. The bundles have varying validity periods, from one hour to one month. Giving consumers the most value for their money and rewarding their loyalty are the two main goals of the service.

Calls Short Codes

Use the short code *135*55*1# to activate MTN Zone Snapi Bundle, which offers discounted call rates depending on your location and time of day. For GH¢1.00, this short code will activate the service for 30 days. When making calls, the discount percentage will be shown on your phone screen, and you will receive a confirmation message.

For instance, when you call another MTN number at 11 a.m. on a weekday in Koforidua, you can notice a 50% discount on your screen. This implies that you will pay GH¢0.05 per minute as opposed to GH¢0.10 per minute.

You can purchase more call packages using MTN short codes, including the following:

– MTN Free After 1 (*550#): With this bundle, you can pay for the first minute of the call and then use it to make as many calls as you want to MTN numbers. The package is good for 24 hours and costs GH¢0.50 per day.

– MTN Free Call 6 months (*550#): With this package, you can talk to one MTN number indefinitely for a period of six months. The bundle is good for six months and costs GH¢20.00. valid only with a fresh SIM card.

Mobile Money Short Codes

Use the short number *170# to get access to MTN Mobile Money, which lets you use your phone to send and receive money, pay bills, purchase airtime and data, and more. With the use of this short code, you can select from a number of mobile money alternatives, including send money, cash out, pay bill, purchase airtime or data bundle, pay merchant (QR code), purchase goods or services (MoMoPay), view your wallet statement (mini or full), modify your PIN, and reset your PIN.

You can dial *170#, choose option 1 (Send Money), choose option 1 (Mobile User), enter the recipient’s number or name from your contacts list, favorites list, or list of recent transactions, or enter manually. You can also enter the amount, reference (optional), confirm details, enter PIN, and confirm transaction if you want to send money to another MTN Mobile Money user. Notification and confirmation messages will be sent to you and the recipient, respectively.

Moreover, MTN short codes can be used to access additional mobile money services, like:

– Cash Out (*170#): With this service, you can use any ATM or MTN Mobile Money agent to withdraw money from your mobile money wallet. The fees and limits of the service vary based on the channel and amount.

– Pay Merchant (*170#): With this service, you can use an MTN Mobile Money QR code to pay for goods or services at any retailer. There is no cap on the free service.

Using the Buy Goods and Services (MoMoPay) (*170#) service, you can make purchases at any retailer that takes MTN Mobile Money MoMoPay. There is no cap on the free service.

– ATM Token (*511#): With this service, you can create a one-time token that you can use at any ATM that is partnered with MTN to withdraw money from your mobile money wallet. The service has a 400 token maximum per transaction and costs GH¢0.50 per token.

– Interest Payments (*595#): Using your mobile money wallet, you can check and claim your interest payments. There is no cap on the free service.

To view the balance on your mobile money, dial *170*1#, choose option 6, and then choose option 1.

Other Short Codes

There are also other MTN short codes that you can use for various purposes, such as:

– Check Your Number (*156#): You may check your MTN number by using this short code. There is no cap on the free service.

– replenish Airtime (*134*PIN#): You can use a scratch card to replenish your airtime with this short code. There is no cap on the free service.

– Borrow Credit (*506#): When your airtime runs out, you can use this short code to borrow credit from MTN. 10% of the amount borrowed is the service fee.

– Share Credit (*198#): You can share credit with another MTN customer by using this short code. There is a GH¢50.00 transaction limit and the service is free.

– Request Internet Settings (*585#): You can ask for your phone’s internet settings by using this short code. There is no cap on the free service.

– Activate Caller Tunes (1355): You can enable caller tunes for your number by entering this short code. Monthly fees for the service are GH¢0.60, and there is a maximum of 5 tunes allowed.

– Send Please Call Me (1399): When you run out of airtime, you can use this short code to send a “please call me” message to another MTN subscriber. There is a daily message limit of 10 and the service is free.

– Report Fraud (1515 or 419): You can report any fraudulent activity on your MTN account or network by using these short codes. There is no cap on the complimentary services.

You can phone *175# to deactivate or unsubscribe from any service. A menu will appear, allowing you to select the service you wish to terminate.