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Nearby share can transfer entire folders

Nearby Share may transport entire folders to and from Android and Windows devices.

Google’s Nearby Share makes it quick and easy to transfer files between Android and other devices, especially now that Windows compatibility is available, but there are still some uses that are overlooked, such as the ability to share entire folders.

Typically, Nearby Share works by allowing you to share a file between devices by first selecting the file and then the target device. You can also share several files at the same time using supported apps. However, you can send entire system folders from Android to other devices.

This functionality has been accessible since Nearby Share launched its test app on Windows in March of this year, but it slipped under the radar until Mishaal Rahman mentioned it on Twitter (or whatever Elon calls it now) last week.

Full folders and their contents can be shared in either direction between Android and Windows, albeit on Android this is only possible through the Files by Google app. Samsung’s files app does not appear to preserve the folder structure, instead transferring all of its contents.

When I share a folder from my Pixel 7 Pro to my Pixel Tablet, the Nearby Share popup indicates that I’m only receiving several files, but when I see those files in the Files by Google app, they’re saved in the “Dashcam” folder.

The really useful part is that this also works on Windows. When you share a folder with a Windows PC, it appears as a folder in File Explorer. You may then share a folder with Android from Windows in the same manner.