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Negative Impact(Disadvantages) of ICT

Health Problems

Most of the ICT tools(e.g mobile phone) produce radiation. The regular use of these tools is most likely to post health problems to the individuals using them. Being glued to the screen almost everyday with no protective measures may also cause visual problems. Sitting in a bad posture in front of the computer always causes discomfort in the spinal cord.Stress is another problem that can be caused by ICT tools.


A lot of people lose their jobs after technology was firmly established in the system. A particular work that could be done manually by a huge number of people can now be done with the press of a button. Companies have now replaced the employment of laborers with the purchase of machines that could even work faster and better.

Computer crime

“Hacking” is one of the popular words in the technological world today. Hackers illegally hack into people’s computer hardware and software system and manipulate them.The illegal hackers even hack into the social media handles and impersonate.

Initial high cost

The use of ICT tools require a huge initial capital investment in the purchasing, installation and sometimes training of personnel.

Electrical energy consumption

The more ICT tools keep increasing in a particular country, the higher the consumption of electrical energy which will have a huge effect on the country’s economy. This is because money that suppose to be used for other things is now going to be used on electricity.      

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