Signs that shows your computer has a virus

Signs that shows your computer has a virus

The computer behaviors that shows that it is infected with virus are;

  1. The computer will start running slowly especially when booting.
  2. Programs will start loading slowly and might be crashing too.
  3. New icons might be appearing on the desktop by themselves.
  4. The computer might be restarting itself.
  5. Sometimes you might be denied access into some applications. Some applications may open but will not behave as usual.
  6. You may be seeing unexpected pop-ups from some applications like your antivirus software. The antivirus software might even be disabled by itself.
  7. The computer’s system software(Windows) may start behaving abnormally, like freezing and not being able to show all it’s features.
  8. Sudden error messages may appear which may tell you that there are some files missing. It may pop-up in the form of a warning.
  9. The fan might run faster than usual.
  10. The lights on the CD-ROM might keep a bit longer before going off after turning off the computer.

Note: some of the symptoms mentioned above are not always as a result of virus attack but can be something else, like freezing can also occur as a result of your disk running out of space.

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