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The taskbar of windows 10, its features and functions

What is a taskbar?

Taskbar is the horizontal bar that runs across the bottom of the desktop.

The windows 10 taskbar is quite different from the taskbar of the previous Microsoft windows. It can be customize in many ways like hiding/unhiding it, moving it around or even changing it’s colour to match your desktop background nicely.

Features of windows 10 taskbar

  • Start button; It is located on the far left of the taskbar. In fact, it is the first icon on the taskbar from the left. It is used to access the start menu by clicking on it. Right clicking on it also gives you options like Programs and features, Mobility center, Power options, Event viewer, System, Device manager, Network connections, Disk management etc.
  • Search box; Next to the windows button is the search box. In the search box there is a sentence which says “Search the web and windows” and that is what it does as its function. It helps to search stuff on the computer and also the web. But to be able to search the web, unless you are connected to the internet.
  • Task view button; It is the next icon right after the search box on the taskbar. It is used to create multiple virtual desktops on which you could perform different tasks and also helps you to switch between them.
  • Pinned applications; These are applications that remain on the taskbar whether running currently or not. Some apps are pinned by default which you can unpin by right clicking on it and clicking on “Unpin this program from taskbar”. Pinned apps helps the computer user to open apps that have no icons on the desktop quickly.
  • Task tray; This is the free space on the taskbar after the pinned apps. It’s function is to display or show currently opened apps.
  • System tray or Notification area; This is the area on the far right of the taskbar which has up-pointing arrow which when clicked on shows icons of apps working in the background. It also shows the laptop’s battery level. It displays network connections icon, volume icon, notifications icons, time & date.

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