Top 10 keyboard shortcuts you must start using

Top 10 keyboard shortcuts you must start using

Keyboard shortcuts will always double up your speed in typing or editing documents or using computers in general. There are commonly used ones that you must know and use frequently as a computer user to speed up your computer works. If you are a MacBook user, any Control(Ctrl) you see here is definitely going to be Command(Cmd) on your keyboard.


Selects all items on a page OR Shift+Right arrow; Selects text to the right OR Shift+Left arrow; Selects text to the left OR Shift+Up arrow; Selects text to the top OR Shift+Down arrow; Selects text to the down. Anytime you are typing and you want to select a group of texts, don’t waste time by holding down a button and dragging your mouse from one side to another but use one of the shortcuts above.

Ctrl+C or Ctrl+insert

Copies a selected text or group of texts. After selecting a text or group of texts, you would probably want to copy or cut and paste in a different location. If you want to copy then you have to use Ctrl+C.


Cuts selected items or text. Perhaps you don’t want to copy a group of text but rather cut it, this is the shortcut to use.


Pastes a copied or cut item(s) or text(s). This shortcut is used to paste items or texts you have copied or cut into a new location.


Undo the last action. whenever you take an action and you think it is a mistake, you can reverse it by using the Ctrl+Z shortcut.


Redo the undo. After using the Ctrl+Z shortcut to undo an action and you think you should have left it like the way it was, you can use the Ctrl+Y to redo the action again. For instance, you pasted a text in a certain location in a document and you felt that the text should not have been there then you use the shortcut Ctrl+Z to undo the action(pasting),the text you pasted will disappear from that location. After thinking twice and you realized that the text supposed to be there, pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Y will bring back the text to that location.

Windows key+M

Minimize all windows. If you open many applications or programs and you want to go back to your desktop, this shortcut will hide all the Windows or the programs into the taskbar and your desktop will be free again.

Ctrl+Tab or Alt+Tab

Switch between open apps. When you open many applications and you want to switch between them, this is the shortcut to use. Let’s say you have opened Ms word, Google Chrome and File explorer, if Ms word is the active app but you want to switch to Google Chrome, press Alt+Tab to switch.


Opens the find tab or field. When you are using any app or program like the word processors and browsers that supports this shortcut, you can use it to search for a specific text on a page.


Close the active window. After working on an opened program, you can use this shortcut to close it. It really helps when you want to close multiple windows.

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