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Top 5 Most Used Financial Apps in Ghana

With Ghana’s fintech industry flourishing, a plethora of mobile applications has changed how people obtain financial services. The alternatives appear limitless, ranging from banking and lending to saving and investing. But in the middle of all of this availability, an important query comes up: which apps are Ghanaians’ favorites? Come along as we explore the world of Ghana’s financial revolution and reveal the top applications in terms of downloads, ratings, and unique features. Explore the hidden gems of fintech that are transforming Ghana’s financial scenes.

In order to respond to these queries, we ranked the top 5 financial applications in Ghana as of November 2023 using Similarweb, a service that offers data on the functionality and popularity of websites and apps. We examined the best free apps in the Google Play Store’s financial category, as it is Ghana’s most popular app store. Additionally, we took into account the usage rating, which is determined by a Similarweb algorithm that takes into account the number of installs as well as active users in the chosen country, category, and leaderboards over the last 28 days.

1. Fido Ghana

The most popular financial app in Ghana is called Fido Ghana; it has received 4.4 stars on Google Play and over a million downloads. A smartphone app called Fido Ghana offers quick and simple loans to both people and companies. Within hours of applying, you can get accepted for a loan. Low interest rates and flexible terms are also available for loan repayment. A financial institution without a bank license, Fido Ghana is governed by the Bank of Ghana.

2. Fidelity Bank

At Google Play, Fidelity Bank has received 4.3 stars and over 500,000 downloads, making it the second most popular financial app in Ghana. One of the top banks in Ghana, Fidelity Bank provides a variety of banking services and products. The Fidelity Bank mobile app allows you to do a lot of things, such pay bills, purchase airtime, check your account, and transfer funds. In addition, there are discounts, loyalty points, and free ATM withdrawals available to you.

3. LendingPapa

The third most downloaded financial app in Ghana is LendingPapa, with over 100,000 downloads and a 4.2-star rating on Google Play. LendingPapa is an additional smartphone app that provides individuals and businesses with rapid loans. You are able to borrow up to 10,000 Ghana cedis without the need for collateral, documents, or guarantors. You also receive cashback incentives and have the option to choose your payback plan.

4. iPay Solutions

iPay Solutions has received over 50,000 downloads and 4.1 stars on Google Play, making it the fourth most popular financial app in Ghana. Payments can be accepted and made online, in-store, and via mobile devices thanks to iPay Solutions, a payment gateway provider. iPay Solutions accepts payments by USSD, Visa, Mastercard, and mobile money. Additionally, you can incorporate iPay Solutions into your program, app, or website.

5. BezoMoney

BezoMoney has received over 10,000 downloads and 4.0 stars on Google, making it the fifth most popular financial app in Ghana. A digital savings platform called BezoMoney is designed for informal and semi-formal savings plans, particularly savings groups. You can make financial contributions, join or start a savings organization, and get credit based on your past saves. You can also receive financial advice and monitor the status of your money.