What are output devices? Examples of output devices

What are output devices? Examples of output devices

Output devices are devices that bring out information from the computer in the form of text, image, sound or signal.

Output simply means the end result of a processed data which is also known as information. Before these information can be seen or heard, it depends on certain electronic devices connected to the computer through cables or wireless means. All devices that help the computer user to see or hear from the computer’s system after processing data are called output devices.

There are many output devices in the technological space but below are some of the most common ones that you might have come across or may come across as far as computers exist;

1. Monitors

Monitors are output devices in the sense that they present information to the computer user visually in the form of text, graphics or videos (soft copy). Without monitors, one will not be able to see what the computer will show as information after processing data which makes them one of the most important output devices. The monitor of a desktop computer is detached from the system unit but connected usually with cables. Laptop computers have their system unit and monitor attached to each other.

2. Speakers

These output devices provides information to the computer user in the form of sound or audio. These are the devices that enable us listen to music and also listen to the audio behind a video. There are few desktop computers with inbuilt speakers but almost all laptops come with inbuilt speakers.

3. Headphones

Headphones are similar to speakers in the kind of services they provide. The only difference between them is that, headphone is used by one person at a time but speaker is loud and can render it service to many people at a time.

4. Printers

Printers make texts or graphics stick to the surface of a paper permanently. The printed text or graphics can be seen and touched which is termed hardcopy. This output device makes it easy to distribute the hardcopy of a document among people.

5. Plotters

Plotters are just like printers but produce vector graphics and instead of toner, they use pen for drawing lines onto the surface of a paper.

6. Projectors

They are also another type of output devices that project the output or information from a computer onto a smooth surface for a bigger view. Projectors are very important especially if you want to do presentation to a large number of people. This will save you time and money since you don’t have to put the people into groups and also, large screens are expensive to afford.

7. Touchscreen

This can function as an output device and also input device. It is an input device when typing with it and an output device when reading or watching video on it.

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