What is a printer?  Types of printers.

What is a printer? Types of printers.

A printer is an output device that makes texts or graphics stick to the surface of a paper permanently.

Types of printers

There are two main types of printers. These are;

  1. Impact printers
  2. Non impact printers.

Impact printers

These are the kind of printers that work by hitting a plastic or metallic head against an inked ribbon to enable it make contact with the paper to make the characters or images stick to the surface of the paper.

Types of impact printers

• Dot-Matrix printer

• Line printer

• Band printer

• Chain printer

• Daisy-wheel printer

• Drum printer

Non impact printers

These kind of printers are quiet (do no make noise like the impact printers) operators because they do not use head or hammer striking mechanism but rather use an ink cartridge for printing.

Types of non-impact printers

• Laser printer

• Inkjet printer

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