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What is a web browser?

A web browser is an application software that is designed to display web pages which helps the computer user to surf the web. Without a web browser, a computer can be connected to the internet alright but cannot open webpages. Most windows come with a default browser but other browsers can always be installed and used. Most of the windows have Internet Explorer as their default browser but Windows 10’s default browser is Microsoft Edge.

Some common examples are; google chrome, mozilla firefox, opera, safari, netscape navigator etc. 

Features of a browser

  • Address bar; This is the area where the URL/address of the website you want to visit is typed.
  • Refresh button; This is the button on which you click when you want the page to reload.
  • Back arrow; When you are browsing and you want to go back to a page you had already visited, you need to click on the back arrow.
  • Search box; Whatever you are looking for on the internet, type it in the search box and click the search button or press the enter key on the keyboard.
  • Bookmark button; This is a button that you click when you want to save the website for easy future visitation . It is mostly found in the right corner of the address bar(e.g google chrome).


The main use of a web browser is to display web pages. 

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