What is internet etiquette or netiquette? Examples of netiquette.

What is internet etiquette or netiquette? Examples of netiquette.

Internet etiquette or netiquette are the acceptable ways of using or communicating over a network on the internet.

Though there are no laid down rules guiding communications on the internet but internet etiquettes are conventions that must be known and practiced by internet users to avoid infringing on the rights of other users.

The good behavior you put up when you meet people face-to-face in terms of communication is the same behavior you need to exhibit on the internet in the name of netiquette.

Some of the internet etiquettes or netiquette are;

  1. Respect others privacy ; Never post anything private about anyone online. This can be in the form of audio recording, video, documents or anything else as it can have a great negative impact on the individual or group of individuals. Posting something very private about someone can lead to psychological trauma and in some cases suicide.
  2. Avoid spamming others ; Spamming means sending mails or messages to a number of internet users over and over again when they don’t really need those messages. The motive behind spamming is usually to spread a computer virus or to advertise a product. Since you won’t appreciate receiving messages you did not anticipate, do not do it to others.
  3. Follow copyright procedures ; Do not repost part or a whole work of someone without their permission. Even if you are using part of someone’s work as a reference to make yours more meaningful, make sure you give credit to the person or his/her company by mentioning them in your work or repost.
  4. Avoid capitalising all letters ; Whenever you capitalise all letters in your comment, it means you are shouting at whoever the comment refers to. For sure, you hate it when others shout at you and so do others hate it when you shout at them.
  5. Do not use abusive words ; If you get provoked by someone else’s comment, do not use that as an excuse to inject abusive words into your comment but rather keep your calm and respond politely. If you cannot keep calm, just ignore the comment.
  6. Do not post false news ; It is not decent and safe to post untrue news on a website/blog or any social media platform as it will only mislead internet users into having wrong taught about a situation.
  7. Offer assistance to new internet users ; The pace at which the internet is becoming popular suggests the number of new internet users that join the online family each and everyday. Sometimes, they post things which are not the best or may look provocative but may think they have posted the finest. As someone who has been a user for a while, try helping them understand things better rather than confronting them with hash comments which may diminish their interest in the usage of the internet.
  8. Know where to post what ; Avoid posting adult ( pornographic ) materials to platforms that young individuals below the required age (18yrs) can easily have access to. Also be mindful of where you post videos that contain violence.

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