What is a computer and the types of computer.

What is a computer and the types of computer.


It is an electronic device that accepts data,process it and gives out information in the form of text,sound or signals.


It is a device that performs logical operations based on the set of instructions given to it through programming with the assistance of a software.

Types of a computer

  • Supercomputer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Minicomputer
  • Microcomputer


The most powerful computer in terms of everything concerning computing is the supercomputer. It is specially designed to perform special tasks and used by very large organizations, like NASA uses supercomputers to track and control space explorations. They are accommodated in a large specially wired air-conditioned room.

Examples, IBM’s super MUC in Germany, NUDT Tianhe-1A in China, Fujitsu’s K computer in Japan etc.

Mainframe Computers

Mainframes are contained in a large air-conditioned rooms. They are not as powerful as supercomputers but are used in institutions and other companies to store data of their students, workers/customers and policy holders. Examples, IBM system z9, IBM 704 mainframe(1964).


These are medium power computers , less powerful and less expensive than mainframe computers but more powerful and more expensive than microcomputers. They are used for database management, transaction processing, specific calculations etc. Minicomputers are also known as midrange computers. Examples, Data General Nova, Interdata 7/32 and 8/32, DEC PDP and VAX series etc.


They are computers which are small and inexpensive as compared to the mainframe and minicomputers. Microcomputers use microprocessor as their Central Processing Unit(CPU). They are the most widely used and fast-growing type of computers which were mostly designed for personal use. Examples, desktop computers(PC), personal digital assistant(PDA),laptop,notebook etc.


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