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Sample end of second semester examination questions for basic 7


  1. The four stages in the information processing cycle are;    A. Input, output, processing, mouse.  B. Input, processing, output, storage. C. Keyboard, mouse, system unit, output. D. Keyboard, mouse, system unit, monitor.
  2. Unorganized facts are together called A. facts B. data C. chart D. media
  3. ……… is used for typing. A. Mouse B. Scanner C. Keyboard D. Light pen
  4. Which of the devices below can be used as both input and output device? A. Light pen B. Keyboard C. Joystick D. Modem
  5. A computer has the following devices as its main components except; A. Keyboard. B. Mouse. C. System unit D. Printer
  6. Which of the fingers is used for pressing the key N? A. Right index finger B. Left little finger C. Right thumb D. Right ring finger
  7. All the following are keyboard layouts except; A. QWERTY B. AZERTY C. JCUKEN D. GUI
  8. The virtual container in which files are kept is called A. file B. document C. icon D. folder
  9. Left mouse button is found on a A. Keyboard B. mouse C. joystick D. projector
  10. Liveware refers to ….. A. the computer user B. the monitor C. the software components D. the hardware components
  11. Which computer peripheral magnifies the desktop on a wider surface? A. Monitor B. Touchscreen C. Projector D. Mouse
  12. Which of these types of computer is more common? A. Super computers B. Mainframe computers C. Mini computers D. Microcomputers
  13. ……….. are the components of a computer that can be seen and touched. A. Software B. Liveware C. Humanware D. Hardware
  14. An example of an application software is …. A. MacOs B. Windows XP C. Chrome D. Linux
  15. The keyboard symbol / is called …… A. forward slash B. slash C. bar D. or
  16. The start menu button can be located on the …… A. title bar B. still bar C. menu bar D. taskbar
  17. The system tray can be found on the …….. A. taskbar B. scroll bar C. menu bar D. title bar
  18. Which of the following is a source of computer virus? A. Email attachment B. monitor C. Speaker D. Microphone
  19. The internet can be accessed using a …… A. tape measure B. flash drive C. smartphone D. pen drive
  20. To rename a folder, you first need to …….. A. right click on the folder B. delete the folder C. type the new name D. click anywhere on the desktop
  21. The interconnection of networks worldwide is called …… A. web B. computers C. protocols D. internet
  22. The device that helps computer users to connect their computers to the internet is …….. A. projector B. mouse C. modem D. pendrive
  23. Copyright prevents others from ….. A. copying others work B. working for others C. helping others online D. commenting online
  24. All other parts connected externally to a computer are called ……… A. external B. peripherals C. software D. flash drives
  25. A website can be found on the …… A. internet B. board C. screen D. system unit
  26. A microphone is an ……. A. output device B. storage device C. storage media D. input device
  27. A word processing application is used for creating a …… A. folder B. new folder C. document D. wallpaper
  28. The spacebar is used to delete text from the ….. A. left to right B. right to left C. top to down D. down to top
  29. The second generation of computers used ……… as their main piece of technology. A. IC B. Tubes C. AI D. Transistor
  30. Which of the following can be used to control the mouse pointer? A. Speaker B. Microphone C. Trackball D. Modem
  31. A computer virus is a ……. A. hardcopy B. hardware C. software D. cable
  32. Which of the devices below outputs information in the form of sound? A. Speaker B. PSU C. ALU D. Antenna
  33. The CPU has ……….. components. A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5
  34. Information is obtained after …… is processed. A. information B. data C. CPU D. output
  35. Which of the mouse buttons is used to perform right click? A. Left mouse button B. Right mouse button C. Scroll wheel D. Side button
  36. One of the following is a word processor. Which one? A. Yahoo B. Duckduckgo C. Ask D. Google docs
  37. The symbol * is called A. Slash B. Hash C. Asterisk D. Space key
  38. DVORAK is an example of a …… A. mouse B. keyboard C. system unit D. monitor
  39. Which of the following ICT items shows the desktop? A. Keyboard B. RAM C. ROM D. Monitor
  40. A ……. stores data permanently. A. RAM B. hard disk C. cable D. mouse pad