Disadvantages of the internet

Disadvantages of the internet

Internet is the interconnection of networks worldwide using standardized communication protocols. The internet has positives(advantages) and negatives(disadvantages) even though it suppose to serve its users positively.

Let’s look at the negatives;


The existence of the internet has invited the attention of hackers. Today, millions of people go online everyday either to check out an information, have a chat with a friend on any of the various social media platforms or carry out an online transaction. Some of these social media accounts look vulnerable especially the ones with weak password. Such situation could allow a hacker to hack into those accounts easily and impersonate. Some hackers illegally hack into people’s bank accounts and steal from them online.

Health problems

Most of the ICT tools(e.g laptop and mobile phone) that could help you go online produce radiation. The regular use of these tools is most likely to post health problems to the individuals using them. Being glued to the screen almost everyday with no protective measures may also cause visual problems. Sitting for a long time in front of the computer always causes discomfort in the spinal cord.


The internet is a place where anybody can go and put any wrong information. Students turn their attentions to the internet whenever they carry out a research. Coming across such wrong information which they have no idea about could lead them into doing wrong work. The problem is that, huge number of people believe everything they read on the internet is the finest. Some unknown news portals also use to post false news just to gain popularity.

Children below 18 years are exposed to adult materials. We are in a technological world today where children as young as 10 years old can go online. There are a lot of adult websites that are easy to access regardless your age. Children as young as they are, could be exposed to inappropriate material like pornography.


The internet is very addictive. If you go online frequently, it will come to a time when you can’t stop going. When you did not go online for an hour or a day, you feels like your day is not complete. The more you go online, the more addicted you becomes and the more you waste time.

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