Jumia Ghana review

Jumia Ghana review

Jumia is an online shop that started in Nigeria in 2012 and has now extended its services to 13 more African countries including Ghana. Jumia Ghana came to existence in 2014 and has established itself so well that we cannot talk about online shopping in Ghana today and leave it out. Apart from offering you the opportunity to buy authentic products under the PHONES &TABLETS, ELECTRONICS, APPLIANCES, GAMING, WATCHES & SUNGLASSES and COMPUTING options, they also have other services like Jumia Hotels, a hotel booking platform, Jumia Flights, helps you find flights and airline tickets and Jumia Food, offers food delivery services.

I do not know much about Jumia Hotels, Jumia Flights and Jumia Food because I have not yet engaged in any transaction on those platforms. Hence, I am not going to talk about those services but rather talk about Jumia.com.gh. Because I like technology pretty much, I usually buy technological items. The first time I purchased on Jumia.com.gh was back in May, 2018 based on the fact that the Television set I was using at that time was too small for my friends and I to enjoy the 2018 world cup so I bought a 40″ Sharp branded Television set. Since then I have purchased other products like mobile phones, sound systems and phone accessories for myself and my friends. Let me go straight to the positives and negatives I experienced during my Jumia Ghana online shopping.


One of the most important things I really enjoyed was their wide range of products and sellers where I can compare prices and select the product with the cheapest price from a highly rated seller. To buy from Jumia Ghana, check the ratings of both the product and the seller as it tells you how good they are. Products are usually rated by people who have purchased and used them for some time, which you can also do after you have bought and used the product for a while. I will encourage you to rate products as it helps other shoppers to make an easy choice.

Nation wide delivery. Jumia Ghana deliver products to all the regions in Ghana. The delivery agent will call you to arrange or make you aware of the delivery before it happens. You will also receive an email and even a text message. This way of delivery really helped me because sometimes, my location changes slightly after placing an order. So during the call, I have the opportunity to notify the delivery agent of my new location. The delivery fee would be paid in addition to the cost of the product at checkout. The amount to be paid as delivery fee depends on your location.

With their cash on delivery option, the product gets into your hands before you do payment. When I started buying items online from Jumia Ghana, I refused to take the risk of doing prepayment before receiving the item which I will advice you to do same anytime you shop online from a particular online shop for the first time. You cannot just trust people nowadays with your money. Anyway, I started doing prepayment for my orders now but hey, I do that for items that do not cost much and no disappointment yet. I also noticed something with their delivery which is also cool. When you oder for an item with the JUMIA EXPRESS logo under it, it is delivered earlier than the delivery date indicated under it. If you are in Accra, it may be delivered to you within two working days.

You are mostly assured of authentic products if you purchase the ones with the JUMIA EXPRESS logo under them. It seems those products are sold by Jumia and not any individual seller. I bought a fast charger with no JUMIA EXPRESS logo and the USB cord of the charger stopped working after using it for a month.


The delivery is not all that smooth. I once purchased a product from a location called Sege-Ada and the delivery agent told me that he will not be able to reach that location so we should meet up at Prampram Junction. Meanwhile, I was at work so I have to pay additional amount of GHc10 and arrange with a commercial car driver to take the product from the delivery agent and deliver it to me.

Poor customer service “contact”. To be fair, all their customer service agents I have spoken to were good and really showed concern. The problem here is that, I most at times have to call for hours before a service agent picks my call.

According to friends and reviews read, there is a problem with their 7 day return policy but I do not have first hand experience so I cannot talk much about that.

You might have had an experience with Jumia Ghana, please scroll down to the comment section and share with us.

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