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Infinix Hot S3 review

This review is going to be based on the infinix hot s3 model, X573. Read this review to the last end because there will be a first-hand review from me after using this phone for almost four months and counting. As we usually do it here, let’s go straight to the point by first looking at the specifications (specs) of this phone.

SIMDual SIM (Nano 2)
Processor speed 1.4GHz
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
Processor type Octa-Core
Operating system Android version 8.0 (Oreo)
Internet Speed4G LTE
Internal storage 32GB, expandable up to 128GB
Camera13MP rear
20MP selfie
Battery 4000mAh
Screen size5.65 inch
Screen typeLCD
GraphicsAdreno 505
Battery typeLi-ion
Video resolution 1080p
Screen resolution 1440*720 pixels
Body dimensions(mm) 153*72.9*8.4
Other features Fingerprint sensor
Facial unlock

The battery of Infinix Hot S3

There is no way I will talk about any phone without talking about the battery first because it is the power house of the phone. Without a good battery, your phone becomes useless.
The Infinix Hot S3 has a battery of 4000 mAh capacity and it really matches its expectations. I said it matches its expectations because, I used a phone before Infinix Hot S3 and its battery was rated 3000 mAh but I cannot recall a day I used the phone without charging it twice. With the Infinix Hot S3, after full charge it lasts more than a day (24hrs) and if I do not disturb it much with my usual internet stuff it lasts for 2days(48hrs) and a few minutes sometimes.
Because most firms are now adopting the iPhone design, the battery has been made non-removable (if you want to replace it, it should be done by a skilled person) in order for the phone to meet the design requirements of a modern phone.
Caution: Please do not try to remove the battery yourself.

The camera of Infinix Hot S3

The rear camera is 13MP and the selfie camera is 20MP as stated earlier under specifications. They both work very well in the daylight but struggle to produce good images in darkness.
The rear camera has a flashlight but tends to blare things up a little bit in darkness. It requires you to have really stable hands to be able to take a good picture.
I mostly use the selfie camera because it is far better than the rear camera when it comes to dark places. It also have a flashlight as well. One thing I like about the selfie/front camera is that, its flashlight is low enough for you to be able to focus your eyes on the camera without being disturbed so much by the light rays.

Daylight picture sample of Infinix Hot S3 camera

Daylight picture sample

Night picture sample of Infinix Hot S3

Night picture sample

Connectivity, speed and software of Infinix Hot S3

Every internet lover will always check the speed and the signal searching strength of a phone before buying it.
It is a dual SIM phone which supports 4G LTE with Android 8 Oreo. It connects well during call(s) and provides a clear sound provided there are no issues with your network provider.
The combination of its 1.4GHz Octa-core snapdragon 430 processor and the 3GB RAM alongside the 32GB storage really enhance the processing of data. It has always got the job done for me without any freezing problems. For the internet lovers who are on a budget and do not want to spend much but still want a phone that could keep them online happily, this is the phone for you. I live in a locality where network is not stable but the phone always adjust to the situation(network wise) and help me browse anytime I want.
The gamers are also favoured by the Infinix Hot S3 because it plays any game regardless the size without freezing or force-closing.

Display of Infinix Hot S3

It has a 5.7 Inch screen size and a resolution of 1440*720 pixels. It has an automatic adjustable screen brightness which adjust based on the intensity of light in the environment in which you are. It has a night light mode which will dim the screen light in the night to protect your eyes. There is much clarity in video which shows at 1080p.
The screen can be split to view two applications at the same time.
It has a notification light.

Infinix Hot S3 review summary

There are four main things that made me love this phone;

  • Battery : The 4000 mAh battery is just incredible for a phone with such a cool price tag. At the time I bought the phone, it was GHS 499 which is approximately 92.64 USD.
  • Internet : The speed of the internet is what kept me glued to the phone.
  • Selfie : The 20mp selfie camera is awesome in daylight and also have some settings you can play around with.
  • Games : Anytime I feel like staying away from the internet for a while, games are what I use to entertain myself. The phones ability to run all kinds of game helps in that aspect.

The negatives I experienced are;

  • The camera is not effective in darkness as it is in daylight.
  • When you want to select a number of items(phone numbers) in the call log to delete, it tends to slow down a little bit when scrolling.

For me to rate it out of ten, I will give it 8/10.

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