Ghana online shopping guide for beginners

Ghana online shopping guide for beginners

Online shopping simply means buying items on the internet from a particular online store. Online shopping can be done from your home or any other location provided you are connected to the internet.

Very soon the traditional stores with no online presence will encounter difficulties in selling their products as expected, especially in low populated areas. This is because of how quick the Ghanaian populace are adapting to the online shopping system. This also means that, there are a lot of people joining the online shoppers everyday.

Do you want to start shopping online and looking for guidelines to help you understand and avoid mistakes in the process? This post is for you!

Just as we don’t walk into the local store in our localities empty handed, same thing applies to the online stores. Let’s look at the things needed to make your online shopping possible, which I know you already have but I will still list them in the name of emphasis;

Money; Of course the medium of exchange is always needed to make any transaction possible. This money can be a physical cash with you, in your mobile money account or in your bank account. But to pay using any of these methods usually depend on the particular online store from which you are purchasing the item. Anyways, most of the shopping sites in Ghana accepts mobile money payment method which I think is the easiest and very convenient.

Computer/Phone; (Perhaps you would’ve wanted me to mention this one first but hi, money is always money; thanks for understanding!) You need a computer or smartphone with internet connection. Phones are more common these days than PCs and laptops and I’m sure you are reading this on your smartphone right now, meaning you have one with internet connection so you are ready to go. Jumia Ghana, Melcom, superprice, just to mention a few are all online shops with mobile apps that can be downloaded from your phone’s Play Store. Don’t worry if you hate downloading apps, you can shop from their various websites respectively.

Make sure you have an active email account that you can access easily. This is because you will be updated through your email on the status of your purchased item(s). Order number is also sent through your email account(sometimes, through SMS).

Most important factors to be considered before shopping online

The online store; conduct a little research on the shop you want to purchase from as to whether they are reputable. Thanks to, you don’t have to do this work again because we have a list of top 5 online shopping sites in Ghana. Click/tap on the link below to make your choice.

Top 5 online shopping sites in Ghana

Price of product; Before purchasing a product, open about 3 to 4 different online shops and compare prices to get the cheapest one, provided all the shops you checked are reputable. Because, cheap price of a product you know to be a bit more expensive in low profiled shop is “suicidal”.

Delivery method; Some shops do doorstep delivery and others do vantage point delivery, where you will meet a delivery agent at an open place or your item will be delivered to a post office in your area to be collected by you later.

Online shopping terms you must know


Add to cart; Cart is just like a virtual basket into which you put your items before payment. So “Add to cart” literally means put the item into the basket.

Checkout; To checkout means to go ahead and pay for your product. This is where you will select your mode of payment or payment method and delivery method.

Order number; After placing an order, a unique number will be created for you called Order number which you must really take notice of. It is very important because when there are complications with your purchase and you contact their customer care, that number will be requested for in order to help you out.

Delivery/shipping; The transportation means by which your item will get to you.

Buy your first product

You are now good to do your first purchase online. Most of the online shops have similar procedures through which you can buy a product;

  1. Open the online shop.
  2. Look for the item you want to buy and click/tap on it. There will be a little bit of information about the item, make sure you read it to be sure of what you are buying.
  3. Click/tap on Add to cart.
  4. Click/tap on the Cart icon, usually located in the top right corner.
  5. Click/tap on Checkout to continue with your payment. In the case of other shops, you might not click on checkout but rather Complete your order. Your payment procedure will depend on your payment method.

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