Jumia online shopping facts

Jumia online shopping facts

The love for online shopping has grown over the years and you can’t blame anyone for falling in love with it because it is more convenient and makes you feel relaxed as you comfortably sit in your sofa or lie on your bed to scroll through a wide range of products with no stress as compared to the traditional way of shopping. Products also have their prices attached to them which gives you the opportunity to compare and buy the one with the coolest price.

The reason why I mentioned Jumia in the title of this post and not online shopping in general is that, it has gained and still gaining popularity day in day out. Also, I have been shopping from Jumia for years now. One thing you should know is that, online shopping is not perfect and so do not get disappointed when something goes wrong, but hey, let’s now get down to the facts.

Range of products

The range of products on Jumia Ghana is very wide and quite awesome. There are a lot of highly rated sellers with different price tags for similar products making it easier to purchase the ‘budget-friendly’ ones. Using the Jumia app even makes it more easier to navigate through their products pages.

Products quality

Jumia’s products’ quality is never one hundred percent (100%) just as any other online shopping site. Most products are very good but few are not too good as well. I was disappointed on two occasions. The items that got me disappointed were a phone and a wristwatch which I wouldn’t want to mention any specific names but don’t worry, ever since the disappointment, I have not seen that particular phone on their site again. If I were to rate Jumia’s products quality in percentage, I will give them 85%.Advice: any time you see an item with a cool price from a new brand or a brand you are not familiar with, conduct a short research on them online, read reviews before going ahead to take a decision as to whether it is safe to buy or not.

Jumia delivery in Ghana

Jumia do delivery nationwide. This doesn’t mean you will really get your purchased item delivered to your doorstep in all locations as they usually say. If you live in the nation’s capital, Accra and maybe other big cities, then the doorstep delivery will perfectly work for you but other than that, it is never a doorstep delivery. They use post offices in the various localities to do deliveries or you(the one who buy the item) meeting up with delivery agent at vantage points to receive item. Products are also delivered earlier than the delivery time line allocated to them. An item is even delivered more earlier if there is a jumia express logo under it and so don’t get scared at the delivery time line. An email and a text message would be sent to you on the day of delivery which would be followed by a phone call from the delivery agent just to notify you and also confirm delivery location. Charge for delivery is based on location. You would be asked in an email to rate your driver(delivery agent) after delivery.


They used to package items in hard card boxes but now, rubbers are largely used. Your name, address and phone number will surely be on the package even if not all, at least one of them with your order number. Products in the package are always new.

Payment mode

They accept mobile money, MasterCard, visa debit &credit cards and bank deposit/transfer. You need to pay for products within 24hrs or else your oder would be cancelled.

Comparing to others

I took my time to compare the prices of a range of products on Jumia to same products on other online shops, in fact, Jumia Ghana has the best prices in the online shopping space in Ghana.

Does refund works on Jumia?

Yes please, it works with no stress. I once paid for an item which ran out of stock, my money was sent back into my account without me contacting them.

Make sure you contact us for anything you want to know which is not listed above.

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