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How to create a bootable USB drive for windows vista, 7,8 and 10 from ISO file.

You might want to format your computer due to virus attack, a corrupted windows or for any other reason. Perhaps your CD ROM is not working or your computer does not have one at all. You can still use a pendrive to format your machine but it has to be made bootable and that is what we are about to do.

Things needed(requirements) to make your pendrive bootable;

  • A working computer
  • Universal-USB-installer
  • Fat32/NTFS formatted pendrive; must be at least 4GB.

Let’s now make that flash drive bootable;

Interface of Universal USB Installer
  1. Download the Universal USB installer application, run it and agree with their policy to open the application.
  2. Insert the pendrive into the USB port.
  3. Under step 1 in the application, select the windows you want to install on the pendrive ( make sure you have the ISO file of the windows you are selecting on your computer).
  4. Under the step 2 option, click on Browse to open the folder in which your ISO file can be found and select it.
  5. Beneath the step 3 option, there is a small rectangular box with a down-pointing arrow. Click on the arrow to choose the pendrive you inserted into the USB port earlier.
  6. Go to the bottom part of the application and click on Create. If there is a confirmation message, just confirm for the process to begin.
  7. Wait for the process to finish and click Close.
Finished page of Universal USB Installer

Yes! That’s all!

In fact, this is the simplest way I had ever used to make my pendrive bootable. If you know of any other way which is more simpler than this, please share with as in the comments section below.

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