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Which computer mouse should I buy, wireless or wired?

A computer mouse can either be wireless or wired. The two words, wireless and wired alone tells you there are differences between them and just like anything else they have pros(advantages) and cons(disadvantages). When you buy a new computer set, it usually comes with wired mouse. Mostly, when you are a basic computer user and your wired mouse stop working, you will be thinking of either getting a wireless mouse or to continue using wired mouse. This is because you may want to have a feel of the wireless mouse but it kept you wondering as to whether it can last and also work for you effectively as the wired mouse.

Well, let’s look at some key strengths and weaknesses that favours one mouse or the other to make our choices.

1. Cost

We cannot talk about purchasing a product without talking about the money involved. The wireless mice are more expensive than the wired mice. After buying a wired mouse, there is no need to buy anything else because it is straight away powered by the computer after you connects its cord to the computer. We can’t say the same for wireless mouse because after buying a wireless mouse you have to buy batteries as it is not powdered by the computer. Some may be sold together with the batteries but if so, you still have to replace the batteries when they get weak. There are some wireless mice that come with chargeable battery which also needs recharging anytime it runs out of power. You will also need a USB receiver to use a wireless mouse.

2. Effectiveness

Wireless mouse uses wireless signals to connect to your computer and therefore making it a little bit slower than the wired mouse which is more straight forward. So if you like gaming, you will probably love to go with the wired mouse. On the other side, if you want to operate your computer from a distance, the cord of the wired mouse may not be long enough to be used from that distance. Also, with wireless mouse whenever there is an obstruction between the mouse and the USB receiver,the mouse will malfunction or may not even function at all until the obstruction is dealt with.

3. Convenience

Wireless mouse is extremely easy and simple to handle as compared to the wired mouse. You might already have a lot of cables around your desk and wouldn’t want to add the cord of a mouse. The cord may also be dragging files and other things off your desk as you move the mouse around. If you also want to use the mouse for several computers, disconnecting and reconnecting is more easier with the wireless mouse than the wired mouse. One more thing in terms of convenience is the travelling part. Cordless mouse will always reserve a bit of space for other things in your traveling bag unlike the wired mouse which will occupy that space with its cord.

You are still not convinced as to which one to buy?

Our suggestions;

If you are a gamer, then the best one for you is the wired mouse since it is more faster than the wireless and also have no problem with obstruction.

If you want to use it in an office, then you can buy the wireless as it will keep your desk simple and cord free.

You may like to save money by being more economical, then you need to buy the wired mouse because it is less expensive and does not need replacement of battery.

You can add your Suggestions in the comment section.

ADVICE : Buy a well known brand’s mouse. (eg. HP, Compaq, etc).

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